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Executive Presence By Evol Fenby

Who’s Evol Fenby?

Evol Fenby is a recognized facilitator, speaker and corporate trainer known for her work in sound vibration and frequency attunement. Her techniques and practices have built companies, inspired movements and created a legacy. After seeing many successes and hitting new heights, she realized that it was time to open her doors and share the secrets that had brought her not only a life of excellence, but true fulfillment along the way.

Client Results

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“Evol helped bring clarity and enhance the purpose of what I was doing professionally. I felt like the way she helped open my voice gave me more energy, presence and ability to deliver my best. The performance and presentation attention really helped me take my business to the next level and feel confident speaking and sharing—which also helped me immensely personally. I highly recommend that anyone and everyone get in on her program while it’s still open, the benefits are endless and it really changed the game for me!”

~ Sydney Witcher

Owner Espee Beauty Lounge

Orange County, CA

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“Dynamic team building and getting the most from my employees has always been a challenge and with Executive Presence Mastery, I was able to turn that around while also making them feel valued. Maximizing business principles for success has now become a key focus for me and we came up with this idea together in one of our sessions. Creative solutions helped me grow my business and we all benefit from out of the box thinking and understanding different perspectives. Different ways of relating to my employees helped me identify and maximize opportunities. Small changes and tweaks to processes helped us to be more efficient and was beneficial for everyone. We’re now seeing things from broader views and have clarified our focus from the larger picture, all the way down to minute details. Being able to reach people on their level to build the camaraderie with common goals in mind is key and I always know who to call when any of these challenges come up for me, I know who to call to create the opportunity mindset. It’s Evol.”

~ Lou Sharkey


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“Executive Presence is everything. I didn’t realize I needed it until I couldn’t imagine not having it! Working with Evol gave me tools and skill sets that I will utilize forever and I’m so appreciative that I found her. Her warmth and openness created an easy space for me to gain greater clarity and feel re-inspired about what I was doing, not to mention the creativity piece of things that really blew my mind. I highly recommend working with Evol and once you get a taste of Executive Presence Mastery–I promise you’ll never go back.”

~ Lauren Dzeda

Executive Assistant

Los Angeles, CA

Working with Evol has been a delight. She offered the clarity I was seeking, especially in the business realm where I needed it most. While I’ve always embraced my feminine and creative nature, a dash of masculine order and structure was the missing piece. Her guidance in setting up a clear blueprint and addressing any areas of deficiency was crucial. I’m thankful for her presence and support during this pivotal phase of my life.

Warm Regards,


Business Owner, Flow by Karin

Michael Lord - Chief Principle

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